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Open Studies are based on curricula of Universities of Applied Sciences and they are open to everyone regardless of age or educational background. You can participate in just about any study unit provided that you have filled in an application and paid the appropriate study fee for that course or term. You can study either in groups with degree programme students or by participating in separately organised courses. Studying with degree programme students is called integrated learning.

At the end of your open study period, you will get an official transcript of records. If you later become a full time student at Kymenlaakso Univeristy of Applied Sciences, you're studies in Open UAS can be included in your degree studies. Upon starting degree studies, remember to discuss the eligibility of such credit transfer with your tutor or lecturer.

 Open studies do not lead to graduation. Therefore you are not entitled to study grant or other study-related social benefits. To earn a degree you need to become a full time student of an University of Applied Sciences. 

More information from

  • e-mail to Open studies personnel

Online study guide SoleOPS

  • information about studies offered by Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences

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